Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finishing 27things, Minus Thingfo

Ready to plow through that last step of 27things, I hit a roadblock when trying to sign up for Thingfo. The message on the website now says "Thingfo is currently invite-only while we focus on the next version." That's ok - I've gotten an idea of what it does by looking at some of some of my coworkers' blogs.

So, some final thoughts on 27things: first of all, I'm glad I finished by the deadline! I know some of my coworkers felt like they just didn't have the time to go through it, and others started but weren't able to finish. I'll admit that I did work on it at home at times, but that's fine - I learned things that I feel will be useful to me both at work and in my outside life. Working on 27things has made me more knowledgeable about technology and a little more confident that I'll be able to adapt to new services as they come along. Since technology is constantly changing, obviously, we'll need an update. So, as other people have said, I'd be interested in going through a similar training in the future - maybe with fewer than 27 things, though. Also, I agree with some of my coworkers that one of the best results of 27things is that we've gotten to know more about our coworkers, which often has been really interesting. Some people have generously made comments on my blog and helped me out, which has been great. I do hope that people will keep working on their blogs - especially the birders - since I enjoy reading them. So in my view, 27things, although a little overwhelming at times, has been a successful program. I hope there will be a scaled-down, similar process in the future to build on this success.

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