Monday, July 13, 2009

Setting up Forms on Wufoo

Getting down to the last couple of weeks on 27things, it's definitely time to move along! From the Web 2.0 Awards list, under the category of Organization, I found the site Wufoo interesting. After setting up an account you can build and customize your own forms using the provided templates. The types of forms you can create include surveys, workshop registrations, contact forms, online petitions and others. I practiced using Wufoo by setting up a survey form for the genealogy programs we have at the Central Library. If I spent more time working on this and got it set up just right, I could e-mail the link to this survey to the people who come to the programs. They could post their feedback to my e-mail account. It sounds great! So far the only drawback I've seen is that the free account doesn't allow access to very many features. Of course, Wufoo wants you to upgrade - how else would they get their money? As long as I can do the basics - sending the form and receiving the results - the free account will be fine for me. I think Wufoo is a site that I will have to take more time to explore - when I get the time...

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