Saturday, July 18, 2009

Podcasts - Varying Styles

After searching the directories and for library news, I listened to the podcasts LibVibe, Uncontrolled Vocabulary, ABC Book Review, Open Stacks, Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Gems. They varied in presentation - LibVibe is a short reading of current library news by one person, while ABC Book Review is a very casual conversation about books between two librarians. The podcasts that appealed to me more were the ones that had less unrelated, personal information thrown in. Other people may prefer this style of presentation, but I'm really not interested in how busy one librarian - someone I don't know - is with a new baby in her life. Maybe I'm missing the point of podcasts. Anyway, I ended up adding Genealogy Gems to my blog - it seems to be pretty good about getting to the point of the presentation.

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  1. Podcasts seem to capture the gamut of media - radio, music, lectures, news, conversations ...